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Congrats to this weeks winners! Pick up your banners at the info page and enjoy. ^_^

Beautiful World -- Best Overall Icon

by zanra

Nothing Else Compares -- Best Icon featuring all four band members

by quietghost and by rionne

Parachutes -- Best Icon Featuring two band members

by frostbitepanda

X&Y -- Best Use of Black and White Image

by blimey_icons

The Scientist -- Best Icon Featuring Chris Martin

by elsapelle and by obsessed__icons

In My Place -- Lyrical/Quote Icons

by inside

Green Eyes -- Best Icon Featuring Jonny Buckland

by rionne

Primo de Basso -- Best Icon Featuring Guy Berryman

by nialish_icons

The Drummer Begins to Drum -- Best Icon Featuring Will Champion

by _kiwiicons

Square One -- Best Coldplay Live icon

by dumatin and by zanra

Amsterdam -- Textless/Bases

by _kiwiicons

Sleeping Sun -- Best use of Cropping

by dumatin and by blimey_icons

Twisted Logic -- Funny Icons


Fix You -- Emotion/al Icon

by rionne

I Saw Sparks -- Best Use of Color

by zanra

Speed of Sound -- Special Category (Coldplay and Yellow Balloons)

by dumatin

Nominations are now open.

The new special category is: Bendy Chris.

Have fun!
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